Practical solution for embedded resources


The ideology of "single-file-assembly" is one of the core requirements. No additional css, javascript or views to deploy (copy/paste) with the Cloudix solution. However, this does not seem to be really straight forward.
In ASP.NET WebForms we have the GetWebResourceUrl() method. This is in MVC only available in the Views. Considering we want the .Common.dll namespace to embed these resources we need another solution. Also, we've looked into custom ViewEngines and VirtualPathProviders but these seem to require a registration in the Global.asax. These solutions are undesired because they create a hard dependency in the client application.
In other words: we want GetWebResourceUrl() functionality in MVC. Any ideas?
Note: Currently we use an embedded resource file (.resx) in the Cloudix.Common namespace that renders a literal string. This is a poor man's solution and should be improved with some research. It does, however, work for the beta release but is not production worthy. Therefor priority is set to medium.