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Project Description
Cloudix is a bare boned, lightweight CMS implementation that allows you to easily enable content editing for your new - or existing - ASP.NET MVC applications.

There are numerous CMS implementations for ASP.NET MVC and, as you probably imagine, Cloudix is yet another one. It does have a major characteristic difference with lots of these other contributions in the sense that it is designed with one rule of thumb in mind: ditch the features and keep it simple & clean.

The Cloudix project is initialized as a content editor with anorexia. Meaning we don't want to put in a gazillion of features by default. We don't want integration to require configuration files, setting up databases, running unreliable update scripts or training ourselves through endless pages of technical documents. We want content editing as simple as possible to integrate (for the developer) and provide the basic needs in the most straightforward user experience (for end users). And if the basics aren't enough, you - the developer - should be able to easily extend it at will.

In the development of Cloudix we target easy to integrate, easy to maintain, easy to upgrade by hanging on to the following principles:
  • Making it as simple as possible to use, for both developer as well as end-user (KISS)
  • No installations or complex configurations required
  • Out-of-the-box functional, but extendable at will (open for extension, closed for modification)
  • Single file assembly distribution: no external references or third party dependencies
  • Pure ASP.NET MVC

Getting started
Cannot wait to get your hands dirty? Check the documentation on Codeplex:
Remember: We put up the effort to document stuff, so if you plan to use the software you should put up the effort to read it before asking.

News & Updates
Want to follow the development of Cloudix up close? Have a look at Cloudix on Facebook.

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